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An Urgent Appeal from Kessab Educational Association of Los Angeles


The liberation of Kessab, the only remnant of our Cilician Armenian kingdom inhabited


by free Armenians, needs large amount of financial assistance to rebuild homes,


schools, churches and orchards. The devastation left behind by rebel occupiers who


invaded our town on March 21, 2014, is beyond belief!



The situation of schools and orchards is of particular concern. For the 300 students to


continue their education, schools’ teaching staff must be paid regardless.


kessab arms DONATE Kessab 5 pix damage The Damage

Orchards represent the main and often the only source of income for most villagers.


Luckily, crops look abundant, but all farming equipment including small tools, essential for cultivating


and harvesting have been stolen or rendered useless. If the orchards are not taken care


of immediately, most farmers will lose their whole year’s income.



We therefore appeal to you to donate generously by sending your contribution to:


Kessab Educational Association of Los Angeles, Inc. P.O.Box 1507, Reseda, CA 91335.


You may also donate through our website:


Thank you